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Welcome to our captivating collection of "Shop by Desire" where you can explore an array of ritual and spiritual products, each crafted to help you manifest your intentions and achieve your heart's desires. Discover the power of balancing the masculine and feminine energies within and unleash your Warrior Goddess Within. Step into a realm of limitless possibilities and shop by intention to bring positive changes into your life. 

  • Money & Wealth
  • Love & Attraction 
  • Go Away Evil
  • Protection 
  • Success & Prosperity 
  • Health
  • Peace
  • Cleansing & Blessing
This collection celebrates the beauty of intention and the power of ritual. Let the universe conspire with you as you shop by intention and manifest your heart's truest desires.

Take action now and explore our mystical offerings to create the life you've always envisioned. 

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Shop All Clean Beauty

To embody your own “Warrior Goddess” and unleash that Sacred Feminine Power within YOU, you need to start loving your body first and living your life in a sacred, ceremonial and goddessy way. But how you can bring forth your true goddess nature, sovereignty, and divine power in a world where constant hustle has been normalized?

This line of feminine care and clean beauty products is an invitation to women to take time to pamper and celebrate ourselves and our bodies. Blending ancient medicine and modern self-care techniques, Warrior Goddess wants to give women these gorgeous set of personal-care essentials to help you awaken the Sacred and Bold Divine Feminine Within. You must try our products, if you need to:
  • Release energetic blocks that hold you back.
  • Need a pickup me.
  • Unleash your sacred feminine power.
  • Awaken the wild, bold, unapologetically Warrior Goddess.
  • Discover the wealth of the Goddess wisdom.
  • Unblock abundance and become a money magnet. 
  • Regain that joie-de-vivre and mojo.
  • Living the Goddess path every day.
Here you will find everything you need to care for your skin, from sun care and beauty tools to facial serums and body moisturizers. Shop makeup essentials to update your look and discover exciting products – yoni bar soaps, vaginal steaming herbal kits, sensual candles, genitalia bath bombs, oil blends, immersive bath kits, reiki infused bracelets and more... Vegan + Natural + Organic + Cruelty-Free + Handmade 

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Shop All Health & Wellness

Our curated wellness product shop celebrates the inner Warrior Goddess in every woman.

This collection is thoughtfully designed to support your journey towards holistic well-being. We understand that wellness is a personal and unique experience, which is why we offer a diverse range of products, from supplements to intimate items, catering to all aspects of your health.

Embracing the concepts of feminine and masculine energies within, we invite you to explore our offerings that empower and uplift. This collection is dedicated to guiding women on the path of reclamation, helping you reclaim your vitality, strength, and inner balance.

Whether you're seeking supplements to nourish your body, or exploring tools for self-care and intimacy, our tightly edited selection has something for everyone. Your well-being is as unique as you are, and we're here to provide you with the perfect products to support your journey towards living your best life.

Discover the essence of holistic living as you browse through our carefully chosen collection. Embrace your inner Warrior Goddess and embark on a path of wellness that is tailored to your individual needs and aspirations.

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Shop All For the House

Round out the aesthetic of your most-visited rooms with home decor and accessories. Not sure where to begin? Consider starting in the family room. Not only do throw pillows and blankets keep everyone cozy during a movie marathon, they also add texture and color to your furniture—sectional sofas, loveseats and armchairs included. 

Then, in the master suite, adorn the walls with hanging mirrors, as well as framed wall art and an intricate clock, that speak to your personal style. If you want to make a statement when greeting guests in the foyer, be sure to accent the narby console table with decorative bowls, ceramic vases and other eye-catching objects. Still looking for more inspiration? 

Read on to find more decor and accessory ideas for the home.   

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Shop All Fashion

Ask us what's in right now and we'll tell you this entire section. No matter the look you're going for, no matter the occasion you've got planned, we have it all and then some.

Go from casual clothes to formal clothes to work clothes and everything in-between with our growing collection of women's clothes. 

Working from home or heading to the office? 

Shop satin blouses, button-up shirts, or button-down shirts. Style them back to a mid-length skirt, wide leg pants, or boyfriend blazer.  

Running errands or lounging around for the day? We've got you covered for that too. Shop our ribbed tanks, seamless bralettes, high waist joggers, and bike shorts. We're serving the latest trends that will have you looking on point, every day, all day. Head over to our Featured section to find out what's in this season.

Accessorize your outfit with bold jewelry pieces, cute handbag, or putting alluring essences.   

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Shop All Programs

Connection. Community. Expansion

This season, let’s focus on gratitude, growth  and rising so we can live healthier, wealthier, more fulfilling, passionate, playful and purposeful lives – and so we can help others do the same.

Whether that means achieving in business, reigniting your relationship or discovering who you really are, Warrior Goddess’ virtual and live events, one-on-one coaching and training systems will help close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. 

Here you will find solutions that fit your time, your lifestyle and your budget.   

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