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Are you looking for divine protection from all evil and negativity? 

The "Keep Evil Away" Collection is inspired by Goddess Durga, the Hindu mother-goddess of the universe and protector of everything within it. Surround yourself with these affirmations created to call upon the powers of Durga to keep you safe.

With this collection, you can find solace under her protective shield - invoking powerful mantras such as "Divine energy shields my mind and body" or "I am shielded, and nothing can go wrong." Keep your family safe, too – invoke powerful affirmations like "The Almighty keeps my family and me safe and protected" so that everyone in your life would be under divine protection.

Act now to join our exclusive community calling on Durga's power! Head over to our website today to get started with your very own personalized affirmations!

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Metallic Ash Catcher
Assorted Incense Sticks

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