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Meet Us IRL


Hello, I am Diana Esparza, Founder of Warrior Goddess

Conned by Vasik... Here's my "Bad Vegan" Life Story. I Dated a Spiritual Predator🥴

Holy Mac, Literally I Watched “Bad Vegan” & “The Tinder Swindler” and Decided to Abandon the Idea of Writing My Memoirs. My Life Story Has Been Told. Here's #MyStory #HerStory

Empowering Women and Promoting Balance Between Feminine and Masculine Energies Within

While my journey has been marked by personal challenges and experiences, including encountering individuals who posed as spiritual teachers but proved draining and manipulative, every encounter serves as a lesson. Through my lack of self-love, self-worth, self-respect, and self-awareness, I chose a path of pain for learning and growth.

During my search for love, I noticed a recurring pattern in my dating life: I attracted partners who were emotionally unavailable or unhealed. It seemed that I oscillated between selecting partners with narcissistic traits or those whom society often refers to as "weak men" or "pussies" because they exhibited more feminine energy.

My exploration of feminine and masculine energies began when I became frustrated with the low-quality relationships and opportunities I was attracting. I was tired of being involved in situationships.

These patterns served as a wake-up call for me to delve deeper into my journey of self-discovery and exploration. I realized that my choices in partners reflected my inner landscape and the energetic dynamics I had not yet fully understood or balanced within myself.

It was hard to realize that I had not fully embraced true self-love, lacked self-respect, felt afraid of being seen, struggled to set boundaries, and was disconnected from my intuition and body.

Through this realization, I paused and embarked on a journey of self-discovery, delving deep within to gain a thorough understanding of myself and take full ownership of my life. Through this process, I equipped myself with tools to identify recurring subconscious patterns hindering healthy connections. I understood that true empowerment lies in finding harmony and balance within ourselves, embracing our feminine and masculine energies. It is not about categorizing individuals as weak or strong but instead recognizing the importance of embodying both aspects within ourselves and fostering healthy dynamics in relationships.

Dating retarded, unavailable unicorns was a blessing in disguise, as I recognized my people-pleasing tendencies, lack of boundaries, fear of abandonment, and the need for approval. These patterns are often traced to family dynamics, subconscious programming, and past traumas.

During this intense emotional journey, I found solace and expression through writing empowering quotes on t-shirts. Though initially intended solely as personal statements, I found this was a powerful medium to raise awareness about crucial social and cultural issues affecting women. Thus, I tapped into something more significant — an opportunity to encourage women to reclaim their feminine power, find their voices, and foster sisterhood.

Over time, Warrior Goddess has transformed into a lifestyle brand for women on the "Path of Reclamation."

The brand caters to women rewriting their story of the distorted feminine and embracing a new wave of divinity.

Warrior Goddess has remained true to its roots throughout its journey while evolving the brand's identity. It embraces a unique style that showcases the coexistence of softness and fierceness, proving that both can be equally powerful. The essence of Warrior Goddess lies in the harmony between each individual's masculine and feminine aspects, anchoring this balanced energy deep into the collective co-creative consciousness.

You can explore the world of Warrior Goddess on our website and our products are available through select Canadian retailers.

Meet the Team

Monica Esparza, Community Manager

Monica Esparza, our Marketing and Community Manager, is a force to be reckoned with. Hailing from Colombia, Monica embarked on her journey by studying telecommunications engineering, mastering the intricacies of technology and communication. Yet, her path took a profound turn when she became a mother to three wonderful boys, igniting within her a passion for holistic wellness and female empowerment.

Monica believes that being a Warrior Goddess means embracing resilience, embracing your power, and embracing your unique journey. She beautifully encapsulates this ethos with her favorite quote: "A Warrior Goddess is not fearless, she is courageous in the face of fear, resilient in the face of adversity, and radiant in her authenticity."


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