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It started as a t-shirt and it's becoming a movement.    


Warrior Goddess is founded on the idea that fashion, mindfulness and sustainability can go hand in hand. 

Warrior Goddess's mission is  to reinforce positive identity through Fashion

The brand caters to those ones looking to embrace mindfulness as a lifestyle. Warrior Goddess is a contemporary lifestyle brand for the awaken and empowered woman. 

Warrior Goddess was born out of the desire to spread the message of “Own Your Divinity. Let Go of Who You Think You're Meant to Be and Embrace Who You Are. You Are the Divine Feminine

 Warrior Goddess collections are drawn on Diana’s (the owner) experiences as a woman in modern life. Exploring themes involving relationships, emotional trauma, spirituality, women empowerment and forgiveness among others.

In her collections, Diana examines many of the problems’ women face in day to day life, presenting cultural and controversial (sometimes sarcastic) commentary on such issues.

Throughout Warrior Goddess’s designs, Diana aims to show how textiles can be used as a powerful narrative medium that can convey messages about ourselves and the world around us.

Warrior Goddess is more than clothing and the designs seek to cross ethnic, cultural and lifestyle boundaries to deliver streetwear that allows conscious seekers to truly "find their authentic self and off course express it through their style 😉".

#WEARCLOTHESTHATMATTER is Warrior Goddess's motto.

Warrior Goddess is an independent label, who's ethics are heavily inspired by social consciousness and the environment – in this regard, Warrior Goddess ‘s design mission is to create pieces that are made from sustainable materials like Cotton, Bamboo, Hemp, Tencel and Linen, deadstock fabric, and repurposed vintage pieces. 

We aim to use the eco-friendliest manufacturing practices possible in order to reduce water, waste, and energy. Warrior Goddess is committed to incorporating sustainability and transparency in all of our practices.   

Warrior Goddess also believes that “in order to get, you must first give”, this motivates #Soulsetters to partner with Fundacion Enciendo My Corazon” (The light my heart Foundation) – a Colombian non-profit whose goal is to teach yoga and mindfulness to children in deprived neighborhoods. Warrior Goddess donates proceeds from our sales to sponsor these beautiful souls – the inhabitants of the new world.

  Hi, I Am Diana Esparza

Diana is a passionate and free-spirited conscious seeker who is fueled by adventure, exploration, and self discovery. Sassy, edgy, and expressive messaging make every Warrior Goddess item an incredible conversation starter. With clever and a little bit of controversial references to various aspects of music, art and spirituality each design has a personal message and a story that forms an intimate connection with the customer. Diana believes in challenging the status quo, making dreams happen and being grateful 😊 


    Our Commitment with Mother Earth

The Brand for the Empowered Woman.




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