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Hello, I am Diana Esparza, Founder of Warrior Goddess

Conned by Vasik... Here's my "Bad Vegan" Life Story. I Dated a Spiritual Predator🥴

Holy Mac, Literally I Watched “Bad Vegan” & “The Tinder Swindler” and Decided to Abandon the Idea of Writing My Memoirs. My Life Story Has Been Told. Here's #MyStory #HerStory

I entertained a covert narcissist.

Have You Ever Met Someone Who Claimed to Be A Spiritual Teacher or Mentor, and Turned Out To Be a Total Drain On Your Life?

Everyone eventually meets their teacher one way or another, and your teacher is either pain or love, and you get to choose... My lack of self-love, self-worth, self-respect, and self-awareness enabled me to choose pain as part of my learning experience.

I Fall for the “Twin Flame”, “Twin Game”, “Twin Bullshit”...

Little did I know that instead of attracting a high vibrational man, I was repeatedly attracting wound mates – broken, emotionally unavailable or unhealed men. This individual showed me what love is NOT all about…

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Anyone can fall into the trap of a vampiric, narcissistic, spiritual predator. And they may not appear the way you would expect them to.

Through Vasik, I experienced first-hand love bombing, hosting, benching, gaslighting, triangulation, discarding, lying, and other tactics of emotional abuse and manipulation inflicted by these predators.

Long story short, this individual (and enabled by his parents) was in more than a dozen monogamous and exclusive relationships🥴

We were his "TWIN-FLAMES" 🥴, like in the "Bad Vegan" Netflix series, this clown was from another planet and came to earth with the mission of saving the ignorant and insignificant human race. Most of the time, you will find him practicing and developing his "Out-of-Body Experiences (AKA as OBE or OOBE)" and "Telekinetic" powers and hanging out a lot in the spaceship with the Pleiadeans, Arcturians, Syrians😂😂😂

This unhealthy experience was the catalyst for me to do my inner worth.

I was forced to pause and go within to fully understand and take ownership of my life. This self-discovery journey enabled me with the tools so I could identify the cyclical subconsciously patterns I chose which hindered me from genuinely forming healthy connections.

This experience was a blessing in disguise. I learn about my people-pleasing behaviors, lack of boundaries, need of approval, fear of abandonment, no having a voice and others… I was able to pinpoint patterns that often stem from my family dynamics, subconscious programming, or past traumas.

The mismatch of emotions experienced during this process were so intense,

I channeled them by writing empowerment quotes on tees.

Women have always found inspiring ways to make a statement with what they wear so in my case I wanted to express how I felt. I didn’t expect to sell the t-shirts—they were imply my way of making a statement during a particularly frustrating moment in my life. This was a pivotal moment as I realized that I could raise awareness about important social and cultural causes affecting women and drive change. I realized I had tapped into something bigger and meaningful:

A movement to encourage women to reclaim their FEMME power, find their voice and build sisterhood.

It's my soul mission to show how digital channels can be used as a powerful narrative medium that can convey messages about ourselves and the world around us.  

The products, accessories, events and experiences offered by Warrior Goddess are drawn on my experiences as a woman in modern life. Exploring themes involving relationships, emotional trauma, spirituality, abuse, the patriarchy, women empowerment, health and wellness and embodiment among others.

I examines many of the problems’ women face in day to day life, presenting cultural and controversial (sometimes sarcastic) commentary on such issues. 

Warrior Goddess began life as a feminist brand making slogan tees, shouting about being authentic, sisterhood, women owning their feminine voice and power among others and has evolved into a lifestyle brand for the women on the "Path of Reclamation."

Warrior Goddess creates femenine self-care products, accessories, events and experiences for the “Modern Feminist” who is in the process of rewriting their stories of the (distorted) Feminine and inviting Her to step into a new wave of divinity.

The strong identity of the Warrior Goddess brand has evolved over the years without ever forgetting its roots. An unmistakable style, which, year after year, shows that softness + fierceness can coexist and still be powerful. The brand’s essence lies in its contrasting features - bringing balance between the Masculine and Feminine aspects within each individual, to anchor this balanced energy deeply into the collective co-creative consciousness.

Warrior Goddess is available on and stocked by some Canadian retailers.

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I just attended the "AWGW" virtual event. I learned so much about myself, my beliefs and how to make manifesting a wonderful future both exciting and fun. The facilitators had a gift for making you feel completely comfortable while keeping you incredibly motivated and focused. Being part of a group of wonderful women was both beautiful and very beneficial. It was great to meet other Women who are working towards integrating their feminine and masculine. The embodiment practices were a gift to me- the breathwork, the tantric tapping and authentic relating as well as the ecstatic dancing gave me back that joie-de-vivre that I was missing. I would highly recommend this event/experience to every woman wanting to learn how to manifest an abundant life. It’s a game-changer.

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