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Meet Us IRL


Hello Beautiful,

I’m Diana, founder of Warrior Goddess, and a thought leader in the fields of Embodiment and Feminine Leadership.

As a Level 4 Breathwork Facilitator, coached by the incredible Krista Reid, I am passionate about helping women like you activate your truth and unapologetically own who you are. I am also a certified yoga teacher for kids, an EFT tapping practitioner, and trained in Tao Tantric Arts for women.

My mission is to create a container where you can break through your barriers, open your heart, and release the burdens of overthinking and overworking. By integrating both feminine and masculine energies, you can unlock, express, and radiate your highest potential. I believe that true abundance in wealth, love, joy and pleasure is achieved by fully embracing and balancing these energies.

Through breathwork, sacred touch, and other embodiment practices, I help anchor the balance of feminine and masculine energies within.

My journey has been marked by personal challenges and experiences, including encounters with individuals posing as spiritual teachers who proved to be draining and manipulative - Narcissists from head to toe. These experiences taught me valuable lessons about self-love, self-worth, self-respect, and self-awareness.

Through my exploration of feminine and masculine energies, I realized that my choices in partners reflected my inner landscape and the energetic dynamics I had not yet fully understood or balanced within myself.

Recognizing my need for true self-love, self-respect, and boundaries, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery. I delved deep to understand myself and took full ownership of my life, equipping myself with tools to identify and overcome subconscious patterns hindering healthy connections. True empowerment lies in finding harmony within ourselves and embracing both our feminine and masculine energies.

During this intense emotional journey, I found solace and expression through writing empowering quotes on t-shirts. What began as personal statements evolved into a powerful medium to raise awareness about crucial social and cultural issues affecting women. This was the genesis of Warrior Goddess, a lifestyle brand dedicated to helping women reclaim their feminine power, find their voices, and foster sisterhood.

Warrior Goddess has transformed into a lifestyle brand for women on the "Path of Reclamation," embracing a unique style that showcases the coexistence of softness and fierceness. The essence of Warrior Goddess lies in the harmony between each individual's masculine and feminine aspects, anchoring this balanced energy into the collective consciousness.

Join us on the path of reclamation, where strength meets vulnerability, and the warrior and goddess within unite to create a powerful transformation. Together, we can rewrite the stories of femininity and empower women to step into their authentic selves.

Explore the world of Warrior Goddess on our website, and find our products through select Canadian retailers.

Meet the Team

Monica Esparza, Community Manager

Monica Esparza, our Marketing and Community Manager, is a force to be reckoned with. Hailing from Colombia, Monica embarked on her journey by studying telecommunications engineering, mastering the intricacies of technology and communication. Yet, her path took a profound turn when she became a mother to three wonderful boys, igniting within her a passion for holistic wellness and female empowerment.

Monica believes that being a Warrior Goddess means embracing resilience, embracing your power, and embracing your unique journey. She beautifully encapsulates this ethos with her favorite quote: "A Warrior Goddess is not fearless, she is courageous in the face of fear, resilient in the face of adversity, and radiant in her authenticity."


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