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Embrace the chaos, for within it lies the perfect order of the Universe. Release what no longer serves, and boldly step into the truth of your being.

Masculine Energy

Within the cosmic dance of existence, Kali manifests as a potent expression of masculine energy, a force that is fierce, assertive, and unyielding.

Her masculine aspect emanates from the solar plexus, the energetic center associated with personal power, will, and determination. As the embodiment of this masculine force, Kali stands as a powerful contrast to the traditional perception of feminine divinity.

Her Mantra

"I release all that doesn't serve me. It's time to be the truth of who I am."

Her Story

Kali, the fierce and compassionate warrior, emerged from the brow of the Goddess Durga during battle. She personifies time, change, and the power that resides in destruction and creation. Kali dances on the corpse of the demon Raktabija, symbolizing the triumph over ego and ignorance.

Known For

Kali, the formidable Goddess, is renowned as the harbinger of endings and beginnings, embodying the cyclical nature of existence. Her association with destruction and creation is a testament to the transformative power inherent in life's constant cycles. Kali's presence signifies the closure of chapters that no longer serve our higher purpose, paving the way for new and enlightened beginnings. As the liberator, she breaks the chains that bind us to outdated paradigms, granting the freedom to explore uncharted territories of self-discovery. In the destruction of ego, Kali shatters the illusions that veil our true nature, fostering humility and authenticity. She challenges us to confront the shadows within, facilitating a profound inner metamorphosis that leads to personal liberation.


Goddess Kali manifests with a tapestry of compelling characteristics, weaving a narrative of divine complexity. Her fierceness, akin to a roaring lioness, embodies an unyielding strength that confronts challenges head-on. Yet, beneath the ferocity lies a wellspring of compassion, as Kali tenderly guides seekers through the transformative fires of self-discovery. Kali emerges as a multifaceted deity—fierce, compassionate, empowering, and fundamentally transformative.

Her Shadow Side

Kali's shadow side emerges in the tempest of overwhelming destruction, where the fierce dance of creation transforms into a force that may annihilate indiscriminately. In moments of unbridled rage, her energy, intended for liberation, can turn into a tumultuous storm, sweeping away not just the unnecessary but potentially causing collateral damage.

It serves as a reminder that within the dance of destruction and creation, there exists a fine line, and the unchecked torrent of Kali's shadow can lead to unintended consequences, emphasizing the importance of approaching her energy with respect and discernment.

Chakra Associated

The solar plexus, a radiant center of energy located just above the navel, is intimately connected to the divine force of Goddess Kali. As the seat of the solar plexus chakra, her energy resonates powerfully within this energetic wheel, symbolizing personal power, confidence, and the transformative ability to assert one's authentic self. Kali's influence on the solar plexus invites us to tap into our inner reservoirs of strength, empowering us to navigate life's challenges with courage and resilience. This sacred energy center becomes a focal point for harnessing the fierce and assertive qualities that Kali imparts, guiding us to embrace our true essence and assert our presence in the world.

Body Part

Her influence is connected to the Solar Plexus and Heart. Goddess Kali's profound influence extends deeply into the realms of the Solar Plexus and Heart, intimately intertwining with the essence of our physical and emotional being. The Solar Plexus, as the seat of personal power, becomes a dynamic reservoir where Kali's fierce and transformative energy converges. Here, she ignites a metaphorical fire, empowering us to assert ourselves with confidence and authenticity. As this vibrant energy flows into the Heart, Kali's influence takes on a compassionate hue, encouraging the release of egoic barriers and fostering a profound connection with the universal love that resides within.


Crystals and gemstones associated with Kali include Black Obsidian, Red Jasper and Smoky Quartz, which enhance intuition, balance emotions, and support transformation.

Oils & Blends

Isis is often honored with oils like Patchouli, Sandalwood and Frankincense, which embody her nurturing and regal energies.


The Red Hibiscus, vibrant and striking in its presence, holds a symbolic resonance that aligns seamlessly with the energy and attributes of Goddess Kali. This exotic flower, with its deep crimson hue, serves as a potent emblem of the intense life force and transformative power that Kali embodies. The Red Hibiscus is often seen as a representation of both beauty and strength, mirroring Kali's dual nature as a fierce warrior and compassionate goddess.

Totem Animal

The lioness is her totem animal, symbolizing clear vision, protection, and higher perspective.

Zodiacal Sign

Kali is associated with the Scorpio zodiac sign. Governed by the transformative forces of Pluto and Mars, Scorpio aligns with Kali's energy in its pursuit of profound change and rebirth. Just as Kali guides us through the cycles of destruction and creation, Scorpio individuals are characterized by their ability to navigate the depths of the psyche, shedding old layers to emerge renewed.

Moon Phase

The Waning Crescent Moon, with its energy of new beginnings and setting intentions, aligns with Isis' transformative nature.

When to Call Her

She teaches that true empowerment often arises from breaking free of self-imposed limitations, dismantling old structures, and embracing the transformative potential inherent in chaos.

Call Kali when facing major life transitions, feeling stuck, or needing a surge of empowerment.

Yoga Poses or Somatic Practices

Ecstatic Dancing

Ecstatic dance, with its liberating and spontaneous movements, is a powerful embodiment practice that resonates deeply with the transformative energy of Goddess Kali. Rooted in the idea of free-form movement and authentic self-expression, ecstatic dance becomes a sacred ritual, mirroring the cosmic dance of creation and destruction that defines Kali's essence.

Energetic Activation:

Kali, as a symbol of liberation, invites us to shed societal constraints and embrace our authentic selves. Ecstatic dance provides a platform for this liberation, allowing individuals to move without inhibition, expressing the full spectrum of their emotions and tapping into the raw and unfiltered energy within.

Warrior Pose (Virabhadrasana)

Warrior Pose activates a sense of grounded strength, focus, and determination. It engages various muscle groups, particularly the legs, core, and arms, promoting stability and balance. As you sink into the pose, you cultivate a warrior-like mindset, embodying the energy of bravery and unwavering resolve.

Energetic Activation:

  • Root Chakra (Muladhara): The grounding nature of the Warrior Pose stimulates the root chakra, fostering feelings of stability, security, and connection to the earth.

  • Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura): The pose's expansive chest and strong posture activate the solar plexus chakra, boosting confidence and personal power.


Create an altar with crystals, images of Isis, and symbols of change to honor her transformative energy.

* Clearing and purifying space * Releasing old belongings * Fire ceremonies

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