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We believe in women reclaiming their power as a vehicle for change. 

Our various community initiatives and events are chance to facilitate those conversations and plant those seeds in the hearts and minds of other sisters!

Warrior Goddess celebrates, supports, empowers and connects embodied women really to reclaim their FEMME power. We use our digital presence to reach an engaged audience of women!

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Here's a list of the embodiment events we offer:

1. AWGW Summit

The "Awakening the Warrior Goddess Within" event is produced by Warrior Goddess Inc.

The team has experience in event management, production and marketing experience.

Blending creativity with innovation and flawless delivery, Warrior Goddess expertly plans, manages and executes The "Awakening the Warrior Goddess Within" experience on a quarterly basis. We LOVE being able to touch so many women's lives. The AWGW experience is our true passion and we thrive off of creating authentic, engaging event experiences every time.

Place your brand in front of thousands of potential customers who will want to
shop and learn about your products and services at the Awakening the Warrior Goddess Within Event.

Consumer shows are one of the most effective ways to increase brand recognition and sales, test new products, build relationships and engage your target market.

Get Your Ticket Today for the Upcoming AWGW Virtual Circle, January 21 & 22, 2022

Let's celebrate each other's brilliance.

2. Women's Circles.

Women’s circles allow for sharing, support, and feelings of safety within a non-judgmental environment. At "Warrior Goddess" we want to create a sacred container that enables women to bond and heal in a safe manner.
It can be very healing to experience validation and to feel honored by other women, especially in a world where women are often taught to compete with each other, compare bodies and status, be jealous, gossip, judge, etc. 

See Calendar for 2022 Women Circles

3. Kundalini Yoga at the Park

Summertime Kundalini Yoga in the Major Hills Park! Every Monday Evening in July and August. Come join us!

Take classes with qualified and certified Warrior Goddess Yoginis!
These classes are BY DONATION and ALL ages and levels are welcome!

Bring your yoga mat or beach towel and get ready to practice yoga outdoors in the summer sunshine!

Time: 6 pm to 7 pm

Location: Major's Hill Park – Mackenzie Ave, Ottawa, ON K1N 1G8

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Experience Warrior Goddess live and discover your purpose, unlock strategies to boost your business, reignite passion in your relationship, and so much more. In person or virtual, personal or business, your first event or your 10th. This is where massive, lasting transformation happens.

Join us and reclaim your FEMME power, find your voice and build sisterhood.

All of the events, experiences and community activities offered by Warrior Goddess are designed to help you unlock and unleash the forces inside that can help you reclaim your Divine Feminine Sovereignty, break through any limitation and create the quality of life you desire.

Interested in working with Warrior Goddess, apply here or email us at

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Reclaim Your Divine Feminine Sovereignty

Interactive and engaging peer-led popular transformational workshop on key issues facing our role as a women in the society and the planet. The uncompromising rise of ethical, empowered leaders like YOU is what will create massive global and personal change.

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Experience Abundance, Movement, Love, & Sensuality

The ecosystem of your life needs to embody wholeness to encapsulate financial, spiritual, emotional, and physical wellbeing. It begins by calming down the energetic system to create a sustainable strategy that honors you!

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It’s a game-changer.

I just attended the "Awakening the Warrior Goddess Within" virtual event. It was amazing, I learned so much about myself, my beliefs and how to make manifesting a wonderful future both exciting and fun. I had many “ aha” moments and I had a beautiful visit from Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary! The facilitators had a gift for making you feel completely comfortable while keeping you incredibly motivated and focused. Being part of a group of wonderful women was both beautiful and very beneficial. It was great to meet other Goddesses who are working towards integrating their feminine and masculine. The embodiment practices were a gift to me- the breathwork, the tantric tapping and authentic relating as well as the ecstatic dancing gave me back that joie-de-vivre that I was missing. I would highly recommend this event/experience to every woman wanting to learn how to manifest an abundant life. It’s a game-changer.
Customer Testimonial Melisa Coulson





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