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By Energy

Welcome to our captivating collection of "Shop by Desire" where you can explore an array of ritual and spiritual products, each crafted to help you manifest your intentions and achieve your heart's desires. Discover the power of balancing the masculine and feminine energies within and unleash your Warrior Goddess Within. Step into a realm of limitless possibilities and shop by intention to bring positive changes into your life. 

  • Money & Wealth
  • Love & Attraction 
  • Go Away Evil
  • Protection 
  • Success & Prosperity 
  • Health
  • Peace
  • Cleansing & Blessing
This collection celebrates the beauty of intention and the power of ritual. Let the universe conspire with you as you shop by intention and manifest your heart's truest desires.

Take action now and explore our mystical offerings to create the life you've always envisioned. 

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