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Warrior Goddess Reiki infused jewelry has substantial energetic power from not only the natural raw pointed shape of the semi precious stones that harnesses their spiritual power, but also the unique healing properties of the stone. 

You might ask: How does the energy get “infused” into semi precious stones? Well, Semi precious stones are JAM PACKED with energy! These beautiful crystals form as a result of high pressure, heat and often-extreme conditions so they are chocked full of energy.

We work with local Reiki practitioners whom intend Reiki upon the stones and the crystals  to become a powerhouse of energy!! As a result you have a stronger and more powerful stone to aid you in your day-to-day dealings. 

Our reiki infused jewelry enhance your spiritual destiny and perception giving you the supernatural powers a Warrior Goddess carries in her DNA.

Crafted from sterling silver and gold plated and treated with a combination of finishes, these beautiful bracelets are made by Colombian hands. Designed by Warrior Goddess, these accessories circle the wrist with an adjustable length of macramé cords.


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