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Awakening the Warrior Goddess Within Summit Recap, Spring 2021


When women come together in a culture of care, respect and empowerment all kinds of totally awesome stuff happens that benefits everyone.

35 women ready to reclaim their “Divine Feminine Sovereignty” gathered in sisterhood. These past two days were magical… We all as ONE broke through any limitation and started creating the quality of life that each of us desire.

Goddesses from the United States, Canada, Sweden, England, Mexico, Colombia and Spain hang out together, took notes from our incredible facilitators who gave us TONS of tools – activations, rituals, embodiment practices, meditations, and groovy dancing tunes to embrace the “Warrior Goddess” Within.

At the "Awakening the Warrior Goddess Within" event — we saw women opening their hearts and freeing their minds from judgment, blame and limiting beliefs.

Takeaways from the event are:

- GO BIG OR GO HOME was the common theme.

- No fixing is needed, we are perfectly imperfect and it’s OKAY to embrace the wounded parts of us.

The facilitators (A.K.A Wayshowers) were so kind, generous, and loving.

They gave us a strong dose of resilience via a wide range of practices. We learned about menstrual cycle awareness, breathwork, mindfulness, meditation, astrology, tarot readings, tantric embodiment while also exploring modalities such as Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Ecstatic Dancing among others.

We were provided with TONS of technologies that moving forward will serve us as the compass in our ongoing self explorative journey.

My cup is full I am grateful and satisfied with the outcome of this event, I want to personally THANKS the facilitators, such powerhouses. Thanks for leading and showing us the way. Your authenticity, rawness, vulnerability and love made us feel safe and comfortable – such a beautiful and sacred container we co-created! It was mesmerizing to see how we supported each other’s brilliance.

Springtime is our collective moment of regeneration, growth, opportunity — and this season it is hard earned. The Awakening the Warrior Goddess Within Summit was the perfect catalyst to help us meet the moment.

Together. The Divine Feminine is RISING, and it is here to stay…

Expect to see more of these women circles in the near future.

I truly hope you join us! 👇 💞 🌹🌙


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