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Thel Whitefeather

👨‍🎓 Soul Healing Shaman

📍 Montreal, Quebec

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OFFER: Free 15 minutes extra on a 1 hour clearing, healing and card reading with spirit

What it means to be a Warrior Goddess?

Embodying the essence of a Warrior Goddess signifies courage, resilience, and a commitment to healing and transformation. It means recognizing the battles within and harnessing the inner strength to conquer them.

A Warrior Goddess, in Thel's perspective, combines her shamanic wisdom with the ability to guide others on their journeys to self-discovery and healing, ultimately contributing to the greater harmony of the collective soul.

Thel's presence in the summit promises to bring a profound and transformative experience, offering participants the tools to release attachments and embrace a life of balance, purpose, and collective healing.

Her work embodies the essence of a Warrior Goddess, guiding others on their journeys to empowerment and self-realization.

Thel is a revered Soul Healing Shaman. Her unique blend of ancient wisdom and modern healing techniques has garnered her recognition as a transformative force in the world of holistic wellness.

Her expertise lies in the practice of Soul Attachment Clearing, a potent method that holds the key to inner balance, personal growth, and collective harmony.

Her gift offers the opportunity to release and clear the attachments that may be hindering our soul's evolution and inhibiting our journey toward a harmonious existence.

Soul attachment clearing is a transformative practice that empowers individuals to regain inner equilibrium. Often, throughout life's journey, we accumulate energetic attachments that can weigh us down and impede our progress.

Thel's mastery in unraveling these attachments allows participants to experience a profound sense of balance, rejuvenation, and liberation.

What is the message you want to spread in your social media platforms?

Through her social media platforms, Thel Buker spreads a message of healing, empowerment, and collective transformation.

Her mission is to inspire individuals to release what no longer serves them and embrace their inner strength and purpose. Thel's online presence is a sanctuary of wisdom, nurturing, and guidance, offering insights into holistic living, healing practices, and the path to personal and collective evolution.

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