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What is a Goddess Warrior? Welcome to the Age of Aquarius

It is believed that around 26,000 years ago, goddess warriors ruled the Earth. Today, we are in a transition where the archetype of the Goddess, whether warrioress, priestess, shamaness, huntress, and wise woman, has come back to bring balance to the World. We are on the threshold of a new age and our roles – our destinies – cannot be ignored. 

The Goddess won’t let us stay hidden, stay safe or stay small. 

This transition is in the stars and it involves Regulus, the guiding star of human evolution and the ‘heart of the lion’, which moved into the sign of enlightened consciousness and the Divine Mother, Virgo in November 2011. This initiated a new age for humanity. Together, they are manifesting the destiny of a whole, aligned, balanced and harmonious humanity. Where there is no duality, no power struggles, no control over another.

Have you ever wondered why you are here? Right here, right now? What's been going on since 2011? What have the past 9 years called you into? Have you felt, deep in the depths of your soul, that there was more for you to be? Not more for you to do. More for you to Be. Your destiny, your dharma has been calling you.

Calling you into wholeness. Into your power. Into your goddess expression. Into the expression of the empowered heart. The fierce heart. The kind heart. The heart that leads the way.

It’s time to step into our full, whole, and sovereign selves. As women, we embody more of the divine feminine energies. It’s our task in this lifetime to balance the divine masculine with the divine feminine within. And to express the highest, most enlightened aspects of the divine feminine in our lives and interactions.

A goddess in the form of the warrior, is the embodiment of the virtues of courage, heart-centered right action, who stands her ground, sets clear boundaries, courageously forges her own path, stands for truth and justice, carves her own path, and uses her sword and discernment to cut through any self-limiting beliefs or conditioning.

Like Virgo, which means, ‘a woman whole unto herself’, the warrioress is a woman who asks, ‘Who am I?’ and takes the first, and the next, step to find the answer. She holds nothing back and stands down for no one. She is courage, embodied. She is unafraid to look deep within herself, to walk through the darkness, to bring light to the shattered, forgotten and shunned aspects of her psyche and soul.

She’s here to facilitate wholeness, regeneration, and standing in our source of true strength and power. The power within.

At this moment in time, we are experiencing significant shifts in our consciousness, facilitated by the evolution of humanity, and directed by divine order. We are becoming the embodiment of the goddess and integrating this soul-knowingness into our daily lives, our interactions and the way we show up in the World.

We are becoming goddess warriors. We are transitioning into our sovereign destiny. We are here for a purpose that is becoming clear to us. When we read the stars, we are shown the way.  The cosmos is not just a map of objects and mysteries in space. The cosmos is a map of destiny.

In the cosmos, around 26,000 years ago when the goddess warriors ruled the Earth, they did so under the cosmic rule of Regulus.  An alignment that moves slowly and with significance. An alignment that is calling us home to ourselves.

It’s time to still the voice asking, “why am I here?” We know why we are here. It’s unavoidable. It’s pre-destined. We were here, 26,000 years ago as goddess warriors and we’re back.

Through our awakened consciousness, through our empowered hearts, and through the release of limiting self-consciousness, karma and other elements that may be weighing us down, we can be the goddess warriors we have always known ourselves to be.

It’s time for the Divine Feminine to rule with right action, from the heart, for the benefit of the collective that is tired of suffering, tired of chasing and seeking peace, harmony, and joy.

Your heart and your Soul know the truth. They know what the stars have shown us. That it’s time for the goddess warrior to bring balance back to humanity. And if your mind wants to get in the game, then let it ruminate on this story of a mystical message relating to the fate of humanity, that made a Pope faint.

The mystical message was sealed and kept secret until such time as was right for its unveiling, in the year 2000. The message contained a prophecy, and, it is said, contained these words:

 “Per corem Leonis in signo virginis in sororitatem steallarum te salvamus”. 

Translated, it means, In the heart of the lion (Regulus) in the sign of the virgin (Virgo) the sisterhood of the stars and the sisterhood of the rose (the Divine Feminine) will save you.  

In my own awakening as the embodiment of the goddess warrior, I am aligning to this purpose. To the path of self-mastery, personal leadership, and empowerment, both in myself and of others. As a way-shower of the reunification process, it’s my honor to lead, guide and facilitate this empowering transformation in other women. Who’s in?

This article What is a Goddess Warrior?  was published on AdaPia d'Errico website and written by AdaPia d'Errico and it is re-posted here with kind permission and attribution to the author’s bio. 


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