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Selfcare for the Soul: An Intro to Human Design

“Who in the world am I? Ah, that's the great puzzle.” ― Lewis Carroll , Alice in Wonderland 

I just got my first Human Design reading 😊 Thanks to Corey Sheikh from @awakenottawa for equipping me with this user manual for life - a practical tool that showed me how I am constituted so I can make healthy decisions and live as the unique being that I AM.

We are born and bred, given a name, taught how to speak and how to live. We observe and pick up habits. A regular schooling and college degree charts the way to our future. Then, we focus on getting that great job that pay the bills. Next comes marriage and having a family. We bring another life into this world, who then go through the same cycle while we age. This is the cycle of life that most of us live through and create memories on the way. Memories that we then relive and remember like stories that never die. A story each of wants worthy of been told. But, how about if we removed all the attachments and bonds we had in this world, who would we be?

What would we be defined by and what will indeed be our identity? As we start exploring these thoughts, the enormity of it frightens us. As a mean of defense, we then avoid the question altogether. Yet, the question remains, silenced momentarily, ready to rise at the slightest trigger. 

That’s a question that have been jockeying through my mind for the last few years, so I’ve decided to embark on a self-discovery journey.

What a better way to start 2020 than having a Human Design Reading. But what the heck is Human Design? Think of it like a personality-testing-best-of-roundup: it's like an astrological natal chart, the I-Ching, a Myers-Briggs test, the yogic Chakra system and an Enneagram all got freaky and gave birth to a new system of breaking down all the different aspects that make up our personalities.

My inquisitive mind was impressed by the insights provided by the reading so I decided to do a little bit of research on the history of Human Design. According to the articles I've read, a former newspaper advertising salesman named Ra Uru Hu was traveling and on the island of Ibiza in Spain, and he was coming home one night with his dog and noticed that there was a bright light shining in his cottage...a light he hadn't left on. Apparently, when they entered the cottage, the dog starts growling then passes out and Ra felt what he described as an internal explosion occur. Moments later, he's standing in a pool of his own sweat and an ethereal male voice is telling him to get to work. The information he channeled from that encounter became known as Human Design.

Another article claims that Human Design (and this is the way that speaks to me)  is the contract your soul makes with Universe about who you came to be, what you came to experience and what karma you came to correct. In other words, it's a tool for getting rid of all the habits and beliefs we've picked up over the years that aren't aligned with who we are at our core so that we can realign with the highest version of ourselves. 

Regardless of whether or not you choose to believe in the system's origins, the amount of insight I've gained by studying my chart has been incredible, so I've decided to set aside the backstory and focus on the tools it provides.

By going through all of the aspects of my chart with Corey, I've gained so much clarity around what motivates me (and what doesn't), and why I click with certain people, places and experiences and why I am super turned off by others. It's also given me tools I'm just starting to implement around decision-making and processing and really inventorying where I want to grow and what I want to release.

“I’ve tried most “esoteric readings” out there, but Human Design felt as if Corey was vocalizing my soul” 

I finally understood why I get dizzy when I am around certain individuals 😉 literally I get dizzy! Everything is about matching vibrations. Manifestors repel certain energies. That’s right my Human Design Type is MANIFESTOR – so my super power is MANIFESTING.

I am using this HD reading as a healing tool to further support my transformation, self-discovery and self-awareness. I am confident the reading will allow  me to:

  • Understand decisions and which things in life are for me
  • Eliminate resistance in my life through Strategy & Authority
  • Understand how to relate to another through mechanic
  • Learn how to never compromise myself again
  • Heal my past and letting go of worrying about the future
  • Discover that I have something that I can always rely on

There are four main ‘types’ in Human Design, which give us general guidance about how we should be directing our energies. According to Ra Uru Hu, a mutually beneficial relationship is designed to exist between the four types:

Manifestors are here to INITIATE, and their focus should be on their impact

Generators are here to RESPOND, are their focus should be on knowing themselves (their response process and what fulfills them)

Projectors are here to GUIDE, and their focus should be on knowing how to best utilize the gifts and energetic resources of the other types.

Reflectors are here to REFLECT the state of the world, and their focus should be on the wellbeing of the environment and the people around them

I am a MANIFESTOR which mean I was born to break the status quo and build my own queendom - TO INITIATE! Neat thing… Manifestors make up about 9% of the population.

A little bit about Manifestors…

Manifestor’s inspiration comes from within.  These are the trail blazers who are here to create movements, whether they intentionally try to or not! They are pure doers, and they have access to the consistent energy inside to just start things: projects, conversations, businesses, revolutions, etc.

Manifestors have three important gifts to give the community:

  1. They can act independently and quickly
  2. They can initiate, and thus catalyze action in others
  3. They can impact others through not only their energy but the fruits of their manifestation

Manifestors need to inform other people about what they are planning to do before they take action. Manifestors do not have the energy for a traditional 9:00AM – 5:00PM job. Manifestors should go to bed before they are tired in order to get a good night rest and they need to sleep alone (BIG LIE, I LOVE COMPANY) so they can discharge the Sacral energy they picked up during the day.

Frida Kahlo is a MANIFESTOR QUEEN. Her Root Center (a motor center) is connected to her Throat via her Emotional/Solar Plexus (also a motor center). Patti Smith, Chloe Sevigny, Jack Nicholson, Robert DeNiro, Vladimir Putin, Saddam Hussein and Adolf Hitler are also innate Manifestators. Check this blog to learn more about Manifestators

The reading showed me how I should communicate with the world, what depletes my energy and how to recharge so moving forward I will be openly communicating my needs and expectations, so people don’t freak out when I disappear or I resist when they try to control me 😉

I am curious to know what Human Design type are you? Check  for more information on Human Design



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