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Crystale Boisvert

👨‍🎓 Erosama Owner & Embodiment Coach

📍 Ojochal, Costa Rica

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What it means to be a Warrior Goddess?

Warrior Goddess to me in the embodiment of Both our inner masculine and feminine qualifies, in a woman body.

Warrior for me is unwavering presence, that supports the now moment and all of its layers of reality. Protection as a Warrior is sensing discernment, yet it is through courageous Grace of the feminine, the Goddess, that we feel and express its safety and support. He senses. She feels. His presence seduces the mind to focus, her Grace and tenderness allows us to receive, feel and flow with the emotional body.

His desire to simplify and organize through his loving
awareness creates the safe container the wild feminine desires so she may thrive and he may soften his armor, be swayed into living from the innocence
and intimacy of an open heart.

Crsytale has been teaching Yoga, Movement & Mindfulness for the last 11 years, while also offering Alchemical Energy Healing Sessions and workshops.

She is a 7th Degree Reiki practitioner and had studied many different energy healing modalities & Tantric Lineages.

She specializes in supporting her clients in Falling in Love with taking Care of themselves, through Lifestyle Coaching, Embodiment mentorship and offering Potent Self-care practices.

The offerings Crystale shares are infused with Emotional Intelligence techniques, Sacred Feminine & Masculine Inner Polarity Principles, Sensual & Sensual Healing, and the Art of Presence.

She is passionate about being a Mindful Foodie, where she shares her love for Mama Earth; for all of her Nourishing & Aundant Creations and Elements. Her joy for Cooking, fasting and detox.

Most of all The Art of Prayer & Reverence with Food and how we connect to what we take into our bodies. 

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Crystale uses her social media platforms to offer a variety of breath practices and emotional intelligence tools to deepen the experience of mindful movement.

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