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Zoom Pleasure Oracle: Love and Pleasure Deck Cards - Warrior Goddess
Zoom Pleasure Oracle: Love and Pleasure Deck Cards - Warrior Goddess
Zoom Pleasure Oracle: Love and Pleasure Deck Cards - Warrior Goddess
Zoom Pleasure Oracle: Love and Pleasure Deck Cards - Warrior Goddess

Pleasure Oracle: Love and Pleasure Deck Cards

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Ignite your joy, desire, and passion with this fun and playful intimacy deck of cards. Crafted to infuse your life and relationships with excitement, each Pleasure Oracle set features 52 full-color cards housed in a beautifully designed box.

Dive into a world of sensuality and insight as you explore themes across love, sex, and erotic intelligence. Whether you're seeking answers, insights, or a call to action, each card is a portal to a deeper understanding of yourself and your desires.

Unveil the secrets of the Pleasure Oracle one card at a time, or spread them out for a more comprehensive reading. With every draw, you'll uncover original and insightful wisdom designed to spark pleasure and excitement in your relationships.

But the Pleasure Oracle isn't just about enhancing your experiences with a partner. It's a tool for personal empowerment and growth. By delving into its sensuous depths, you'll learn to own your sexual power, deepen your self-worth, and become the master of your own desire.

Moreover, oracle cards like the Pleasure Oracle can be instrumental in enhancing intuition, mindfulness, and holistic living. As you engage with the cards, you'll cultivate a deeper connection with your inner wisdom, sharpening your intuitive abilities and heightening your awareness of the present moment.

Embrace a lifestyle of holistic wellness and pleasure with the Pleasure Oracle. It's not just a deck of cards; it's a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Are you ready to unlock the secrets of pleasure and transform your life?

Benefits of Using the Pleasure Oracle for Holistic Living:

  • Enhanced Intuition: Regularly engaging with oracle cards like the Pleasure Oracle can sharpen your intuitive abilities, helping you to trust your inner wisdom and make decisions aligned with your highest good.

  • Mindfulness Practice: Drawing a card from the Pleasure Oracle encourages mindfulness as you focus on your intention and connect with the present moment. It's an opportunity to cultivate awareness and presence in your daily life.

  • Self-Reflection and Growth: The insights gained from the Pleasure Oracle can facilitate deep self-reflection and personal growth. By exploring themes of love, sex, and desire, you'll gain greater clarity about your desires, boundaries, and values, empowering you to live authentically and in alignment with your true self.

  • Connection and Communication: Using the Pleasure Oracle can deepen your connection with yourself and others. Whether used solo or with a partner, the cards provide a platform for meaningful conversations about intimacy, pleasure, and relationships, fostering deeper connections and understanding.

Incorporating the Pleasure Oracle into your life can be a transformative experience, offering guidance, inspiration, and empowerment on your journey toward holistic living. Whether you're seeking pleasure, insight, or personal growth, let the Pleasure Oracle be your trusted companion on the path to a more fulfilling and passionate existence.


Using the Pleasure Oracle is simple yet profound, offering numerous benefits that contribute to a holistic living lifestyle. Here's how to use the cards and the advantages they bring:

Set Your Intention: Before using the Pleasure Oracle, take a moment to set your intention. What do you hope to gain from the reading? Whether it's clarity on a particular issue, insight into your relationships, or simply a moment of joy and pleasure, clarifying your intention can enhance the effectiveness of your reading.

Shuffle and Draw: Once you've set your intention, shuffle the deck of cards while focusing on your question or desired outcome. When you feel ready, draw a card from the deck. Trust your intuition as you select your card, knowing that the right one will present itself to you.

Reflect and Interpret: Take a moment to study the imagery and message on the card you've drawn. Reflect on how it relates to your intention or question. The beauty of oracle cards like the Pleasure Oracle lies in their ability to offer multi-layered insights and interpretations. Allow your intuition to guide you as you interpret the card's meaning in the context of your life.

Act on the Wisdom: Once you've interpreted the card, consider how you can apply its wisdom to your life. Is there a specific action you're being called to take? Are there patterns or beliefs that you're being encouraged to explore or release? Embrace the guidance offered by the card and take inspired action to integrate its wisdom into your life.

Pleasure Oracle: Love and Pleasure Deck Cards

$24.00 USD


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