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Awakening The Inner Goddess

We all know her. She’s the superwoman who’s got it all together. She seems to balance everything in her life with ease and enjoyment. Intelligent, wise, strong, compassionate. Her beauty seems to radiate. Is that bronzer? No, its something different. It must be… inner peace.   

And who, exactly, is this person? She is the Goddess. The physical representation of Divine Feminine energy. And we all know her because, in fact, she lives within each of us. Whether we are male or female, we all carry both masculine and feminine energy. The key is bringing these two energies into harmony. And now that we begin to recognize the value of the feminine, she is stirring from her slumber, and the more we feed her fire, the more her light shines through us.

As times are changing, the sun is setting on the patriarchal way of living that has characterized the past millenniums. We are stepping into a style of living that is responsive to the cycles of nature. One that aims to understand rather than control. One that pays attention to the way the ripple of our actions effect our surrounding environment.

So how do we awaken the Inner Goddess? Here are some outfits, tips, rituals that will allow you to embrace that inner diva who is craving to be sensual. 




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