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The Path to Awakening - A Collab Between Warrior Goddess & Bijoux4You

Recap from our first participation at Runway for HOPE Ottawa ❤️ Stay tuned Bijoux4You Designs and Soul are currently working on the Fall Collection which will be presented at the Fall Edition of HOPE.

Thanks Paul Lauzon for recording the video :) Thank you to the models, friends and family who supported us . We love you ALL! The path to enlightenment is complete - LOVE ❤️ is the answer.

One word defines the meaning of life🤘💋❤️ thanks to Isabelle for lending us the clothes to accessorize our #tees and #jewelry #cheo 

All the proceeds of this event goes to CHEO and Fundación Enciendo Mi Corazón in Colombia to teach underprivileged children yoga and mindfulness.

This is how the path to Enlightenment starts – we awaken to the truth of our being, to the ideal way to live but before we attain this coveted state karma makes a big entrance to bring up all the traumas and experiences that need healing then we can evolve and become the master creators we are meant to be 😊 

Once you start to get to know yourself you are aware that there is more much more in this world that we can perceive. You start trusting your intuition and listen that annoying inner voice - often you might feel like you should fight it, battling it back down to the root. But, guys, you've heard your mothers and your grandmothers: Trust what your intuition says. You are the only one that knows what feels quite good. You are the only one that knows the needs of your body, mind, and soul. There are signs your intuition is on point and reason to trust that gut feeling. There are sometimes you feel like you just know something so trust that b***. This is your internal GPS system!  

In this path you also discover that you must put yourself first and embrace your divine goddess/god - the only one deserving of your love is you. It’s time to take the love that others take for granted & invest it into yourself.

In addition, an avid curiosity for learning sparks - you read, investigate and question everything and without realizing you start transmuting low vibrations into positive ones – you become a torch that transmits light and motivates others. 

Karma is a bitch so she is back to stunt your growth - making difficult to get off the hamster wheel. In this quest for breaking cycles, complicated unicorns (toxic people) will show up to your life to suck your energy (you are an empath, you sense people feelings) you give them comfort – you emanate good vibes whenever you go 😊 - this is attractive to leeches - your energy keeps them alive so choose wisely whom you share your energy with.

Karma comes and goes until you realize that such past experiences are merely tests that you must pass if you want to evolve - you become a WARRIOR!

After that intense and eternal fight against the old you and your ego - you won, you broke the mold and you are born again. Here's where you embrace your power and see that authenticity is a weapon (in my case is my alpha personality) and you start living your life from a place where ego is not that important and where LOVE conquers all!  

You learn that we originate from love and our basic nature is love. Once you realize that love is the answer you will return to your natural state of unconditional love. When you are able to love yourselves, you are happier and more compassionate towards others. Through greater love and compassion for each other, you can bring about peace. 

As a last step, you know that constant learning is key to grow as person so you elevate your game.

Soul and Bijoux4You Designs are currently working on our next collection: "Quantum Queen" follow us so you can learn the story behind the collection 😊



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