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2021: A Year in Review: What is Self-Acceptance?


“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” – Semisonic.

2021 was an epic year. My 2021 was the year where I learned to say NO and speak up – loud and clear. My word for 2021 was INTEGRITY. I tried to live according to my principles and values and what I know to be true in my heart. I worked towards accepting the totality of who I AM – the good, the bad, and the ugly! Every day, I tried to live from an authentic place under the premise I was no longer shrinking myself to be digestible. 2021 was all about self-acceptance.

In 2021, I was tested in some respects. I was asked not to speak up on countless occasions, worked on my tonality, be more graceful, less opinionated, more accommodating and flexible… Every time, I called off someone when I was disrespected. I was called difficult, sensitive, too dramatic and/or too much. I guess some of the lady bosses here will resonate with this…

Through coaching, I realized that my aggressiveness, defensiveness, and tonality were all related to ANGER. My little girl made a tantrum and screamed every time she felt dishonored, disrespected, abused, mistreated and/or misunderstood. She did not have a voice (so she screamed) so 2021 was the year where I focused on finding mine 😊

Also, therapy uncovered that I needed to work on setting boundaries… so my 2022 words are BOUNDARIES & GRACEFULNESS.

In a very real sense, we define ourselves through our stories so if we can truly understand the stories that made us the individuals we are, including the motivations behind our actions and thoughts, we can take charge of how our future unfolds…

My brand Warrior Goddess is all about showing that SOFTNESS + FIERCENESS can coexist and still be powerful so I will walk the talk.

Setting firmer and healthier boundaries and finding my voice will be the main theme. I will work on honing my story.


I am reclaiming my divine feminine power so I can navigate 2022 with ease and grace. I am ready to level up emotionally, mentally, financially, spiritually and energetically. I am moving from “other-focused” to “inner-focused”.

To my #warriorgoddesses and especially those sisters who helped me co-created the “Awakening the Warrior Goddess Within” Summit. Learn more about the summit every woman must attend here:

I only want to say THANK YOU 😊 each of you ladies are f**** sensual empresses – you all hold a luminous torch that unveils the mysteries that create life, love and sex. You all exude the soul of feminine divinity! Together, as a soul tribe we will awaken the Shakti of every woman. I am fortunate to have you in my life.

There will be more summits, women's circles, photoshoots, events and runways in 2022. 

In 2022, I will also devote more time to write about financial freedom, the power of anger, setting boundaries, healthy dating, narcissism and how to reclaim your power after experiencing narcissistic abuse among others.

My last words before the year ends: Always remember to BE GRATEFUL, BE BOLD, BE SEXY 🌹 💪💋

#warriorgoddess #herstory


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