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The Spiritual Significance of the 11:11 - Opening to Magic

It is 11.11 so the decisions you make today will set the tone for the next 10 years ahead. Choose wisely. This is Soul #Mindfulmonday #MondayMantra

@Reposted from @alex.myles: 💫💗🙏✨11:11 is a powerful activating, awakening, ascension code and noticing either 11, 11:11 or 11:11:11 is not a coincidence. Seeing it means life is about to take a major and positive twist. During this time whatever we think about can manifest fast, so we may notice that if we have something (or someone) on our mind - it soon appears in our reality.

When we see this number sequence it means we have come into full alignment. Our past, present and future have merged and life is beginning to make complete sense. We are now understanding why we attracted karmic relationships and why we went through certain experiences. We are finally feeling at peace, we know where our future is heading and we have total faith in our unique life path.

In numerology the number 11 is a master number that symbolizes new beginnings, transformation, clarity, compassion, healing, alignment, harmony, illumination, inspiration, and independence. It is the most guiding, intuitive, creative, enlightening, and insightful number in numerology.
11 is a “messenger” and the vibration of 11:11 is the universe’s way of delivering a powerful shift of consciousness. It is an awakening call that raise our awareness and jolts us so that we pay attention to the flow of epiphanies, signs, synchronicities, and serendipities happening around us.

On this 11:11 high vibrational energy day, a divine portal opens and we may notice familiar déjà vu sensations or poignant dreams, as though we are trying to remember something from a past life—and we may not fully understand who or what the memories are about. However, over the coming months, everything will fall in to place.

The intentions, actions, and deeds we choose to focus on now, will set the tone for what we will attract, create and experience during the last weeks of 2019, and the decisions we make set us up for an incredible 2020.

Although this will be an energetically intense period, it is the optimum time to reflect on the past year and set intentions for exactly who and what we want in our lives next year.

Energy will be heightened; therefore, intuition, sensitivity, tenderness, compassion, sensuality, insight, and affection will be enhanced, especially around those we have a strong connection to.

The vibration of the number 11 encourages us to trust the process and accept universal order, despite how challenging it may feel.

We may have gone through much of our life repeating patterns from our past generations, without understanding why, and fortunately the code of 11:11 cuts through the past and releases us from it’s hold. This allows us to feel freer, lighter more liberated, in control, and ready to redirect our lives, rather than living according to what other people conditioned us to subconsciously want or desire.

The hardest aspect of letting go is due to the “What if?” question popping up. However, this keeps us trapped in limiting circumstances and ones that cause us to remain in the past, wishing things were different or perceiving through rose-tints and illusions.

When let go it helps to have faith that whatever is meant will come back around again, possibly in a different and far better form - but only if it warrants a significant place in our lives. Otherwise, it is beneficial to release and surrender to what is written for us.

When something changes and comes to an end, it just means room is being created for something exciting and new to enter. Often what seems like loss is actually the start of a beautiful new phase.

Everything is happening exactly as it is meant to and when we fear change and cling to what feels familiar, we cause our own suffering. We must have faith and allow a wide broom to sweep all the dirt away so our life is cleansed and inviting for brand new beginnings to enter.

This is an intense phase that will cleanse anything that feels toxic in our lives, which includes bad habits, unhealthy thought patterns, reactive behaviours, outdated beliefs, and irrational fear-based thoughts and feelings that drain our energy and leave us feeling anxious and burnt out.

Ties that energetically bind us to people or situations that are detrimental to us or limit us in any way will easily be severed during this period, and we will feel the freedom to walk away with peace, love, compassion, and forgiveness in our hearts and minds. In particular, we will feel the urge to remove ourselves from dynamics with anyone who consistently provokes arguments or those who are aggressive, controlling, manipulative, deceptive, judgmental, overly critical, or generally abusive.

We will likely be feeling nostalgic due to the accumulation of emotional cosmic energy, so we may look back at our past in an attempt to find answers. Fortunately, our intuition is at an all-time on this day, so it’s the perfect time to go within and listen carefully to our inner voice and find that much needed closure.

To align with this rare 11:11 energy, it is vital we evaluate, empty, release, and cleanse. This allows us to shake off whatever (or whoever) has held us back, so we can accelerate onward on our evolutionary soul journey.

11:11 helps us believe we are capable of possibilities far beyond anything we have dreamed of. On this day will feel limitless, and nothing will be out of our grasp. This energy creates the optimum conditions to focus on what we want to achieve over the next 12 months and motivate us to make a plan as this energy helps our goals manifest with the speed of light so they effortlessly become our new reality.

This is a pivotal time to focus on what we want, so throughout the day we need to regularly repeat out loud what we wish to manifest to gain the exact life we want. However, we first need to let go of the thoughts, feelings, and unhealthy attachments connected to anything we no longer want or need. (Always use protective eyewear when looking toward the Sun)💕🙏🏻💕☀️

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