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Love in the Times of Covid

The emergence of Covid 19 seems to have split our lives into a starkly contrasted before and after, shrinking our worlds and forcing us to pause, and try to find bearings in a new set of circumstances. Instead of continuing to expand outwards, we are being propelled toward journeying inward, and re-examining our place and our purpose on Earth. The landscape seems foreign and criss-crossed with confusing feelings of uncertainty and hope, denial and acceptance, defiance and faith that this, too shall pass. Many of us also feel that this is a wake-up call for humanity, and that we are being shaken out of our slumber of unconsciousness, for with our actions we seem to have transgressed against both the divine and natural order. This is our opportunity to transform, a chance to be creative and innovative, to shed off the old ways and give birth to a new Earth. 

Meanwhile, this abrupt shift in our routines may trigger feelings of abandonment, rejection, or it may intensify in us feelings of low self-worth, or lack of self-love, all of which may manifest in lower vibrational frequencies.

As information about the spread of the virus, the terrifying death toll, the devastation it causes by destroying not only lives, but also livelihoods floods our networks and social media feeds, it can be easy to let fear take over. This is what normally happens in any kind of crisis, when our ability to tolerate risk gives way to anxiety and existential angst over our future.

This T Shirt collection is an invitation to embrace the ambiguity and uncertainty of the era we have stepped in, to acknowledge the totality of who we are, our light and creative side, and our shadow one, and to blend these dualities with love and acceptance. The collection is also an appeal to our valiant hearts to choose love and faith over fear, and let them guide us into the days to come.

This collection is the result of the merging of creative energies with my soulsista Jana Begovic, a novelist and poet  ( 

Jana’s gentle and uplifting words feel like a balm on the weeping spots still present in our souls.   

In addition, part of the proceeds from this collection will go to support Operation Ramzieh ( 

The Ottawa hospitality community is stepping up to support local seniors throughout the COVID-19 crisis. In light of the province’s closures of restaurants and bars during the pandemic, Abbis Mahmoud’s DreamMind Group, which owns popular establishments, such as The Moscow Tea Room and The Waverly, has launched Operation Ramzieh to leverage its vast network of suppliers and partners to help support Ottawa’s most vulnerable citizens. The personnel of DreamMind are coming together to assemble food boxes that are being distributed to seniors. DreamMind strives to keep seniors safe at home, as well as to take the pressure off our hospitals and our incredible doctors and nurses, as they fight the war on this highly contagious and dangerous virus. 

Let us be the agents of change we are all yearning for! 


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