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Five Elements Tantric Dance to Connect with the Warrior Goddess Within

Daily tensions can cause huge energy blockages. With dance, we not only can relax, but also connect with nature and transcend consciousness on a deeper level.

Dancing is my medicine 😊 Tantra seeks movement in everything: in the planets that dance around the sun; in the trees that dance around the wind; in the Earth, a circle of energy in motion; in the weaves, hips of an ocean that dance endlessly… Even in human beings, that surround themselves with music and for whom dance is intimately related to celebration since the dawn of time. In tantric sadhana, dancing is the first step to opening and awakening the vital energy of the body. Modern men and women accumulate stress and tension in different areas, causing huge energy blockages.

Tantric dance isn’t a popular dance, and it has nothing to do with the moves you see in the night club. Tantric dance is a meditative practice to free the soul, increase vitality, connect to the consciousness in deep trance states, and to improve the body.

For me dancing is an opportunity to refuel, reenergize, and reinvent myself. Dancing allows me to unleash that my sensual self that is dormant inside me – awaken Shakti 😊 I entwined with Gaia and become one through movement.

In this dance, I am honoring Gaia with the five elements movements.


Individual Duration: 45 minutes

Objective: Connect with the earth, the water, the air, the fire, and the ether.

Just as they did in tribal rituals, strike the ground with your heels to activate the first chakra.

This mobilizes the earth element, related with abundance and early power.

The water element you will awaken with broad, undulating movements aimed at the second chakra.

Later, with movements that open the arms and the chest, the air element and four chakra will awaken.

The passion, spirit, enthusiasm, and inner luminosity will be present in you through the sound of the drums, which activate the fire element in the third chakra.

Finally, lay on the ground in complete silence, feeling the connection and deep relaxation. Work on each element for about seven minutes.

Earth: benefits the contact between the psyche and the material and economic aspect; the roots of the being.

Water: Frees sensitivity and the delicate emotional states.

Air: unleashed the sensation of freedom, openness, and immensity.

Fire 🔥: increases spiritual power, strength, and will power. Ether: Laying in silence.

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