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Luxurious + Decadent Self Care - Bath Kits For Connecting To Your Feminine & Masculine Energies

Taking a bath is one of the most relaxing ways to soothe yourself after a busy day. However, you can also transform your bath, and upgrade your whole bathing experience by turning your baths into self-care rituals.    


Bathing is a ritual that fosters more self-love. It connects us with our physical bodies, allows our minds to experience calm and creates ease in our hearts. Spring has sprung, and the Inner Diva is in full bloom again.

I am sharing with you the “Awakening the Warrior Goddess Within” Ayurvedic Detox Salt Bath Recipe, perfect for the Spring session. This time of the year, our minds still feel a little cloudy and uninspired, our bodies may experience stagnation, lethargy, and stiffness while our skin may be congested and oily, as we experience the last brushes of the Winter season. 

To remedy this, Ayurveda Bathing teaches that now is the time to begin a gentle detoxification process to uplift the mind, body, and our senses. When we gently detoxify, we increase circulation, warmth and feel revived.

Taking a bath and turning it into a self-care ritual is a great way to take care of your body and mind. By soaking in a warm bath, you will relieve muscle pain and tension in your joints, improve the condition of your skin, ease off cold and flu symptoms and even clearing and balancing the masculine and feminine energies within.

The Awakening the Warrior Goddess Within detox salt bath recipe will help you to cleanse your spirit, recharge your energy, strengthen your boundaries, channel your creativity, become a money magnet, heal your pain, and bring sensuality and sexiness back into your life.

Here’s my favorite balancing bath for balance the masculine and feminine energies within:


• A handful of pink Himalayan salt
• A handful of rose petals
• A handful of straw flowers
• 25 drops of awakening the warrior goddess within essential oil
• Charcoal-infused bath cloth
• Bath bomb
• Teaspoon of baking soda
• Scented tealight candle


Arrange what you need for your bathing ritual: a favorite towel, bathrobe, slippers, candles and bath salts. This is your time to be open to the deliciousness of the moment and give thanks for the healing that’s just about to occur.

Draw a hot bath and drink a soothing cup of a chamomile tea. Shop Ayurvedic Tea.

Light the candles, play some soothing music & dim or turn off the lights. Check Warrior Goddess Spotify Playlist to connect with the Goddess and Spiritual Guide.

Simply put all the items in the bathtub, state your intention and surrender to touch by using the exfoliating sponge. 

Soak for 15-30 minutes, reflecting on what you love about you and what is no longer serving you, then let it go.

Surrender to touch by using the exfoliating sponge.

Gently massage each part of your body and say aloud “Thank you, I love you.”

Put the right hand over your heart and the left hand over your hara or womb.
Feel the beat of life. Let yourself feel it speaking to you, let it remind you that you are here for a reason.

Say aloud that you are loved!

Emerge from & drain the bath.

Wrap up in your favorite robe & continue winding down for the evening.

I hope you really enjoyed this recipe. I would like to hear how your body feels after this ritual. Have your senses reawakened?



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