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I am excited to present the new collection #BeautyandtheNarcissist – this collection is a tribute to the survival and courage of women who are survivors of narcissistic abuse. 

This collection is based on Diana's (designer) experiences dealing with a romantic partner that displayed psychopathic and narcissistic traits.

The best fairy tales are the untold stories, the ones where the powerless take back their power and emerge as the victors, but not before enduring a long, arduous battle with the self and the world.
Beauty and the Narcissist explores the themes of destruction and resurrection, unraveling the dark realities of trauma, love bombing, gaslighting, triangulation, discarding, betrayal, heartbreak and the  survivor’s convoluted journey to freedom, healing, creativity and self-love.

This collection provides an uncensored and raw exploration into the complexities of adversity and agency, offering a rare glimpse of what it truly means to survive and rise again from the impact of emotional and psychological violence inflicted by a predator and parasite that displays narcissistic, sociopathic and/or psychopathic traits.  




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