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Crystale Boisvert, Embodiment & Somatic Coach

Crystale, a seasoned yogi with over a decade of experience, has been guiding souls through the realms of Yoga, Movement, and Mindfulness. As a 7th Degree Reiki practitioner, she delves deep into various energy healing modalities and Tantric Lineages, offering a rich tapestry of wisdom to her clients.

Her expertise lies in nurturing a profound love for self-care, and she achieves this through Lifestyle Coaching, Embodiment mentorship, and the introduction of potent self-care practices. Each of her offerings is a fusion of Emotional Intelligence techniques, Sacred Feminine and Masculine Inner Polarity Principles, Sensual and Sensual Healing, and the transformative Art of Presence.

But Crystale's journey extends beyond the physical realm. She is a passionate Mindful Foodie, celebrating the Earth's bounty with boundless love. Her culinary artistry, fasting rituals, and detox practices are all testaments to her deep-rooted connection with the nourishing and abundant creations of Mama Earth.

Above all, Crystale illuminates the Art of Prayer and Reverence with Food, showing us the profound significance of what we consume and how it shapes our bodies and spirits. At the Warrior Goddess, we stand united in sisterhood, embracing the empowering journey towards holistic living, clean beauty, and a life imbued with love and reverence for every facet of our existence. Join us in embracing the warrior within and becoming a true goddess of your own destiny.

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