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I named 2019, “The Year of the Rise of the Sacred Feminine.” In truth, the rise of the  Sacred Feminine has been going on for decades. I just think we should put words on paper about this shift from a Masculine-aligned world to one where both the Feminine and the Masculine principals are revered. The more we record our observations of a shifting paradigm, the more evidence will appear. Even those who cringe at the word “Feminine” will begin to see evidence of a changing world.

To give a little bit of sassiness to my writing and the collection, I've called the Divine Feminine "Quantum Queen"

Before we can see a “rise” in the Sacred Feminine, we must know what it is so I would like to explain what a Quantum Queen is all about...

A Quantum Queen is aware that she can turn body into living quantum energy, being a beacon of light. A Quantum Queen is a woman who aligns herself with others and adds her power to the feminine collective - she is highly aware and intelligent.

She has a purposeful path. She is busy building her “FEMPIRE” so this collection was all about women that help women to build their own empires.

A Queen empowers women to be the best version of themselves.

A Quantum Queen enables her soulsistas to embrace their own divinity by sharing skills, resources and knowledge so they attain success together, as a tribe.

This collection was all about greatness, sacred freedom and feminine power.

The collection was a call to action to all the women out there who are longing to live from a place of unconditional love. This was an urgent call to those High Priestesses so they remember it was time to bring the divine feminine into our everyday as we remember who the f#ck we are.

It is time to rise into divine and holy riches together and change the world, one rich, lit up, empowered and unstoppable woman at a time!

The Quantum Collection was all about:

  • The art or energetic healing from the patriarch 
  • Sacred remembrance of your holy diva power, and a
  • Deep and divine new relationship with service, sales and receiving.

The final message of the collection, invited all women to embrace our juicy, rich and joyful life. It is time to heal and rise up into divine feminine power.



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